We’re The Whole Package

At Blobstation, your business needs are our priority; we place a significant emphasis on creating an atmosphere of transparency and communications between our clients and ourselves. We will keep you informed throughout the project life cycle, from design and development through to launch and maintenance.



Our Approach:

During the discovery stage, we begin by fostering a truly collaborative environment where we get to
know how your business model functions, your vision, and what you’re looking to achieve with this
project. The discovery stage is of the utmost importance when clients are unsure of requirements. We
assist clients with the finer details of concepts and consulting. This helps to put together the perfect
blueprint for the project.

The Blobstation Advantage:

— We will ask all of the critical questions to ensure your project is on time and budget

— Technical expertise with years of experience in this sector

— Our team is dedicated to the development process

— On-time, we will deliver following the set timeline

— All of our team are in-house no subcontractors



Our Approach:

Our design team are experts at taking your vision and making it into reality. We will design and build
your solution to reflect your desired user experience, spotlighting how the solution will look and feel as
well as its functionalities. Throughout the development stage, we will be 100% transparent, employing
agile development tools and techniques, making sure your solution is secure and scalable.

The Blobstation Advantage:

— We are transparent, with our communications plan we will keep you informed throughout the
build process

— Stress-free build, you stay in control during the whole process of the solution build

— We ensure that the solution works fast, is bug-free, and easy to use

— Our team strives to provide a better product/market fit through modeling and your feedback

— We make sure making sure that the developers you work with are the best ones to take care of
your application



Our Approach:

At Blobstation, we provide you with the team of industry specialists you need to get the job done
correctly. Our experts will guide help you keep your software running once delivered. We strive to build
long-term relationships with our clients and ensure the highest quality of our specialists.

The Blobstation Advantage:

— Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills

— Accommodate staff shortages due to unexpected events

— Avoidance of hiring / de-hiring costs

— Costs scalable to demand

— No impact on operating model

— Easily contracted

— Cost model transparent


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