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Our Story

Story of blobstation is polished with hard work and colored with successfully delivered solutions. Bunch of nerds, get together every day and develop and write hundreds of lines of code that turns a client's idea into a present reality. We also have developed the habit of building relationships with clients while building a digital solutions for them and that's the primary reason we are being loved by all of our clients.

For the last couple of years, We became one of the fastest growing software development companies. Our unique success formula has put us on a map to be called a top notch software company. The real credit goes to our awesome team. Since the last two years, we have built and delivered a software for a startup that has grown to a m-m$ company to software that has millions of users on a daily basis. Our gradual progress, from small scale projects to m-m$ startups, has brightened our journey with the color of success.

Our Vision

To become a leading technology partner for small to medium enterprises.

Our Mission

To develop solutions that help companies to compete and grow in digital era.

Our Goal

To set up efficient process in place to facilitate digital solution journey.

Our Core Competencies


Our values are more than just a high standard of work - it’s a culmination of transparency, flexibility, speed and diversity.


We believe communication is the key to any project success and so that we are always available to listen.


Transparency brings trust and facilitates a never breaking bond. What you see is what you get and at Blobstation, you can see everything.


We want you to succeed as much as you do - that’s why we are open to cater our working hours directly to your schedule.


The art of thinking independently together. We support diversity and celebrate it every day.

Efficiency and Efficacy

To ensure we produce high-quality work in a timely manner, we believe in process and people.


As the CEO and Founder of Blob Station, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you our dynamic organization working towards achieving your goals. We are committed to taking you forward with passion, innovation and dedication. We believe in creating values for our clients and employees in all possible manners.

Jay Thakkar
CEO and Founder

Our Team

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

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