Cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Flutter are conquering the mobile application development world. Its ability to run on multiple mobile platforms. It allows startups to save costs and reduce development time.  Generally, when you build a native app-you have to build a separate one for IOS and a separate one for android. But in the case of Cross-platform apps, you can create an app that can target both Android & IOS Devices. Cross-platform development provides the flexibility to create your app using a universal language like Javascript. You can likewise export your app to various smartphone platforms with Javascript.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google. Flutter’s goal is to provide an open framework for quickly building beautiful native apps on multiple platforms. Flutter allows you to create a native mobile application with only one code. It means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create apps on IOS and Android at the same time. 

What Is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile application, Facebook makes the system of React native applications. React Native is compiled from a single JavaScript codebase. It enables code reuse between android and iOS. It covers an enormous scope of platforms like IOS, Android, Android TV, windows, and UWP. React native joins the perfect aspects of local advancement with React, a top tier JavaScript library for building UIs.

Flutter & React native backed by Google & Facebook, respectively. That’s why we witness the tough competition between Flutter & react-native nowadays.If you want to create an app in iOS or in android React Native and Flutter are the top mobile framework, nowadays. These frameworks have been the gossip amongst the developer community, with a lot of competition and comparison between them in recent years.

It is tough to say which one is the best, but from going through the below given points you can choose appropriate app development software as your requirements.


Flutter & React native extensive 3 way layered system. There exist a series of independent libraries that each depend on the underlying layer. Every part of the framework level is designed to be optional and replaceable, Each layer has their own importance & utilization.

  1. Framework
  2. Engine
  3. Embedded

Flutter’s architecture is layered. Flutter uses Scaffold that runs by a C/C++ engine and a platform-specific embedder. In short, Flutter has everything needed for app development in the Flutter engine itself.

On the other hand, React native ties the knot between native thread & Javascript thread. Android & iOS respectively use JavaScript Cores & Bundles of JS Cores to run all the codes easily. While this might increase the native functionality, it also increases the app size, leading to performance issues or device lag. 

  • Language

Flutter uses dart programming for writing their codes. Although Dart is comparatively easy to select up and a better programming language. A developer sitting in a plane, definitely has to travel through Dart. Typically, developers from a C++/Java background can relate to Dart quite a JavaScript developer.

React Native is written entirely in JS framework. This is a plus point for React Native since JavaScript consistently ranks as one of the most popular and used programming languages around the globe. Finding developers to code in JavaScript is easy, and hence learning React Native is easier for any JavaScript developer.

  • Performance

The respective community of both RN and Flutter are a bit divided over the topic ‘performance’ as everything about them sounds good in terms of agility and speed. But Flutter is having the upper hand because it doesn’t have a JS  connection bridge-like React native. In Absence of Js Bridge in Dart- Flutter is better than React native in terms of performance.

  • IDE

Flutter is more concentrated on working with Intellij, Android studio & Visual studio(These are the trending IDEs). These IDEs are the best for the developers that work on flutter.Few plugins are required to work on IDE with Flutter.

React native is mainly focused on working with Nuclide, Atom, & Webstorm. Since React Native is open-source, the best IDE or editor is the one with the broad deployment. You must also make sure that all of your supporting tools and software are widely used while working with React native.

  • Community Support

In React native you won’t find any appropriate guide for deploying an app to the App Store. On the other hand, Flutter gradually grows with the trend as CLI (command line interface) most commonly used for deploying your application in a simple way in Flutter. According to some Significant data/insights on various platforms like stackoverflow, Google trends & Github analytics- You can likewise compare the react native & Flutter.

  • Documentation

 In general words, we can say that documentation is the inventory of data. Your framework Documentation should be easy & simple. You can easily explain it to your client or other developers can easily understand the data written in the documentation. React Native has decent documentation. It mainly focuses on senior web developers who are already familiar with JavaScript & Coding. Contrary to React Native, Flutter has rich documentation. It offers detailed guides accompanied by graphics and video tutorials.

  • Apps

Tesla, Discord, Instagram & many more well-known apps built in the React native app development program. Google based apps like Google assistant along with PostMuse, Reflectly are being made in Flutter Development programming. RN & Flutter are creating apps that are available in both AppStore & PlayStore. 

Summing up the Whole Thing, We can expect that both React native and Flutter have their own advantages, abilities, and reputation in the business market.We at Blobstation as an enormous development team will help you to create a cross-platform app that fits your requirement & current market trends. We have a pool of talented resources that enables the app building feature  for your business or startup that turns out as an Optimistic  Solution.  If you need to make your portable application to Strengthen your market presence then you can contact Blobstation! We will make the best one for you!

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