To run an effective and successful project, some critical things need to happen perfectly and in the right order as well and for that, you need to kick-off your project well. Nevertheless, if you decide on cooperation with a team or an individual far away from you for software development- you have to do it all remotely. That’s why we understand project kick-off as everything that happens before the developing phase.

You will surely have a question- why kick-off is important. For your better understanding, Let’s make it clear with an example of a cricket match. Before players start the game, the captain completes the teams and sets the positions- a wicketkeeper, long-on, Mid-on, Silly-point,  Deep mid-wicket, Third-man, and more. Every player knows their positions, and roles perfectly. Players warm-up, get to know the winning strategy, and listen to the last instruction from their coaches & captain. If they were to play without this kind of preparation, they would play blindly or chaotically. The same thing goes with Software development coding. If you won’t kick-off your project properly, then you must face the consequences.

Things to consider

  • How does it look like

This is the overview of the kick-off software development coding process. The kick-off phase covers factors from Introduction to the DOR ( definition of ready). The factors are introduction, Tools, refinement, project planning, DOR & DOD.

  • What tools will you be introduced to?

As we all know- tools are an inevitable part of any process. When we’re talking about software development coding kick-off, tools are an important part of the process. Let’s take a quick look into the tools that can be used by every member of the team to perform tasks, communicate and take process insights. 

For Project Management

There are many tools available in the market but Jira, Asana & Redmine are top-pick from many organizations/companies to handle the project in an easy way. These tools allow to plan, track, and release software projects into small tasks. The team creates a new, personalized Scrum board for the project, that will help you to stay concentrated on delivering iterative and incremental value. i.e. With Jira, you can create new issues, week sprints, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your dedicated team for a specific software development project.

For Communication

Communication is the only difference between a complete project and an average project. So, the communication is directly proportional to the quality of your project. Hence to get better communication with your team members, you can use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google chat. These are the three reliable and efficient tools for any kind of project. I.e. Slack offers the private channel option for your project, so you can easily contact every member for discussion regarding the project. Slack allows you to communicate through channels organized by projects, topics, tasks, or whatever you will need.

For Documentation

If the process is smoother, that means it needs to be constant. For maintaining that pace- you’ll need proper documentation. Documentation that can easily be understood by every member of your team. Confluence, Wiki, & Notion are secure & reliable tools for documentation. Using these tools lets team members check the insights, process status, or query. The team contains stakeholders and other members that are part of the project but having a decent knowledge of the development process. At that time documentation makes things clear.

For Deployment 

In general, deployment means moving an object to a place where some action can be performed on it. In software development, deployment means making an application ready for delivery. For this purpose, AWS & Azure are trustworthy tools in the market. There’s a huge role of the project manager in Deployment, so tools will be so convenient that the project manager easily accesses it and deliver the application on time.

  • Finalize Work Process

A continuous work process plays an important role in the success of software development coding projects. As an organization, we need to simplify a work path- where all team members know their roles and responsibilities better. So, anytime in the future- your developers need to create a software/ application with the same functionalities, you just need to follow the Finalize work process. Finalize Work Process covers all the aspects like which process to follow, which tools to use, what are the easy ways to do it, which are the way that leads us to project lagging, what is helpful for us, and many more.

  •  Identify the High-point & Low-point

If you’re doing something there are two different results of it- one is positive, another one is negative. In software development, you need to understand the different points. In the case of software development, sometimes your software/ application can deliver easily and run successfully without any hassle. Sometimes you put in lots of effort- still you can’t get what you exactly want. This will happen in software development projects. So, you need to know what is the high-point in your software development phase & what is the low-point. 

  • Iterative development

Iteration development is a way of breaking down the projects into small parts. In iterative development, feature code is designed, developed, and tested in a continuous cycle. With every iteration, there’s an addition in terms of design, development, and testing until a fully functional software application is ready to deliver to the customers. In short, coding doesn’t begin until the design of the entire software application is complete and has gone through a phase-gate review.

In Ending

Proper software development coding kick-off has a significant impact on the successful cooperation with your software development organization. It is the time to think about everything, put the right pieces in the right place, & define the roles and responsibilities of every member of the team. In one line, we can say that- ” Kick-off is setting the rules you want to follow, and planning the work to do.” 

Thinking about your software development kick-off & doesn’t take the name of Blobstation, unbelievable. If you have any queries or if you need any help regarding development kick-off- Blobstation is the organization that you’re looking for.

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