For the last several years, JavaScript is everywhere. It has been one of the most used programming languages nowadays. It used to build almost 96 % of websites today. ‘Having a humble beginning of starting as a language’ to ‘a fully-fledged programming language’ -JavaScript has come a long way.  Gigantic platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn, & Twitter have all built using JavaScript in one way or another.

It all started in 1995 when a Netscape programmer developed a new scripting language in just ten days. The scripting language was initially named ‘mocha’ and was rapidly known as LiveScript & later JavaScript. In 2000, JavaScript started using a combination of web development technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML & DOM) to create dynamically changing websites. Later in 2006, JavaScript built a library called jQuery, to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. jQuery’s purpose is to take tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code and convert them into a single line of code. To build software solutions- there’s a structure that refers to the set of accessible codes written in JavaScript. It helps to increase process pace along with the saving of time, money & efforts. 

Here are a few frontend & backend JavaScript frameworks which are highly recommended & equally popular respective to their time.

Frontend JavaScript Frameworks

  • React.js

Organization opts for React for creating dynamic UI with advanced features. After React.js regular use, they have introduced the new framework named ‘React native’ that’s highly recommended for hybrid mobile app development. Giant sharks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Airbnb, & Instagram are using React JavaScript framework. 

  • Angular

Angular is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that is best suited for building dynamic single-page applications. It is suitable for the business that’s looking to cut down the coding effort & make smoother processes. Google uses Angular- It is one of the most significant examples of organizations that use the Angular JavaScript framework.

  • Ember.js

JavaScript has introduced a frontend framework called ‘Ember.js’. It makes the development process easier with its flow of functionality & simplicity. It’s commonly an MVC framework that developers used to build user-side web applications. Although Ember.js is one of the oldest frameworks of JavaScript, it still gets an edge with its big user base including Microsoft, LinkedIn & Netflix.  

  • Vue.js

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. To make an application in Vue.js, you don’t need to learn any superset of JavaScript. Vue.js is having functionalities like Angular as a full-fledged framework & also having a view layer with state management like React.  Whether for Facebook for their feed marketing or Grammarly for their Interface, Vue.js is worth considering. 

Backend JavaScript Frameworks

  • Express

Express is a JavaScript framework with the largest share among all back-end JavaScript frameworks. It makes debugging tasks by easily pin-pointing bugs. Apart from that, it helps to create restful APIs that accept the information/ request from the frontend & revert them with suitable responses. Remarkable companies like IBM, Accenture & FOX sports making applications by using Express. 

  • Node.js

Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript framework. No data buffer-makes it faster for operations. For its fast operation functionality, It is suitable for the application that requires high data processing.  Medium, eBay & Uber are the big companies that use the Node.js framework. 

  • Meteor.js

Meteor.js is also an open-source JavaScript framework. Meteor.js is the best choice for those who want to build real-time applications. It saves production time & there’s no need to perform context switching between server language and JavaScript language. Deloitte, Nordstrom & Policybazaar.com are some of the important organizations that make applications with the help of Meteor.js.

Reasons Why business should choose JavaScript for their Software development

Although there’s a new technology every month, still JavaScript remains unbeaten. JavaScript almost covers every technology & business. There are numerous reasons for organizations to choose JavaScript for their app development, a few of them are given below:

  • Performance

A wide range of options is there for developers from JavaScript’s rich library of structures. JavaScript enables you to render animation and similar features and ensures better performance for the user along with quicker app development. 

  • Full-stack development

In its initial time, JavaScript only worked on front-end frameworks. The advent of full-stack development gives access to writing frontend & back-end code in JavaScript. Big names like LinkedIn, eBay & Netflix have taken advantage of these features of JavaScript.

  • Compatibility

JavaScript is perfectly suited for working on a wide variety of applications. There’s no need for file extension for inserting it into other web pages. Since it’s an independent-platform language, all browsers can easily understand & simplify codes written in JavaScript. 

  • Safe & Efficient

Projects that require countless hours of coding can be quickly built using JavaScript frameworks in less time. JavaScript is considering the security of data as a priority when it comes to building software solutions for businesses. The immense support community of developers stays active in finding out the issues and debugging it proactively. 

  • Futuristic Technology

Javascript is unbeaten for the last two decades. Still, it continues to evolve to suit the daily-changing technological surrounding.  It means, you can always find an effective solution in JavaScript for your business/ web development. 

  • Resource Availability

Javascript has been a web developer’s buddy for a long time helping them make changes in the website. There are an extensive variety of knowledgeable resources in JavaScript to adapt the process & technology. The best thing about JavaScript resources is they are easily accessible in the market.


“JavaScript was, is, and will be an ever-green scripting language”.

JavaScript with its abilities increasing by the day making it one of the best programming languages in existence. As there are many frameworks to come in the nearer future, JavaScript is undoubtedly a technology with a bright future. The power of JavaScript is immense, and organizations can leverage it for building excellent web solutions. Pick the best JavaScript that fits you & your project’s requirements! 

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