It’s tough to choose a framework. But, choosing a front-end framework is a more tough choice to make. Especially when each framework is designed to give an excellent user experience. In a huddle of Front-end frameworks, Reactjs Vs Emberjs turns out to be an interesting battle. Let’s find out which one better fits your requirements.

When it comes to choosing a framework, JavaScript is the best choice. But, JavaScript has a wide range of options available in the front-end framework. In a case where you need to build a mobile app as quickly as possible, Reactjs & Emberjs are more worthy. But what to choose is a major question. Reactjs is a Javascript library that creates a performant user interface along with creative tools to showcase a layer of mobile & single-page applications. On the other hand, Emberjs is an open-source JavaScript framework that creates aspiring & scalable web applications. Let’s make it easier with some quality comparison. It will decide the winner. 


  • Performance

Reactjs is a library with excellent performance. Although it’s less preferable in the case of the requirement of native-like features. It can accommodate multiple elements in a single-page application. So, Indeed it’s a good performer as it mainly concentrates on single-page apps. Another side of Coin, Ember.js stands out in terms of performance. This framework is designed to solve complex problems without exhaustion. Render pages for the first time is still an issue for Ember.js.

  • Communication & Development support

If we talk about community & support, Reactjs emerge as a favorite of millions of developers. With a Huge number of 150k Github stars, Reactjs continues to boast the tech world. Along with this, Reactjs also became a hot topic in Hashnode’s React community, Spectrum’s React community, Reddit React community & many more. In this race, Emberjs is also a speedrunner. With the stunning 20k Github stars & Stack Overflow questions, Emberjs is all set to speed up in the front-end framework. It’s good to say that both framework communities are helpful, active & optimistic.

  • Documentation

As we discuss further, Reactjs has a large community & used by many developers in comparison to Emberjs. So, it is tough to find documentation for this huge framework. In a few words, Official documentation doesn’t have all the details, you find it out deeply on the internet. The initial stage of Emberjs, it’s having poor documentation. But, with technology evaluation, it gets better & better. You can get information from the internet like in-depth theoretical content & code snippets.

  • Learning Curve

If the developers are friendly with dataflow & API structure then Reactjs is an easily adaptable task for them. It means anyone having proficiency in JavaScript can crack the Reactjs quickly. Beginners also receive a welcome in the Reactjs community. Where Emberjs has lots of scope of improvement. In a roadmap of success Emberjs mainly focuses on standard practices, development limitations, better configuration. So as a learning curve, Reactjs is way ahead of Emberjs.

  • Use Cases

There are certain use cases of both the front-end framework. The use cases make it a better framework. Reactjs mainly use for SPA, server-side render pages, Easily reusable components, Search-engine friendly, etc. A massive add-on is to simplify the entire method of writing components in high-volume applications. When we shift to Emberjs for use cases, it hits a different level. Progressive applications, single-page Applications, long-term projects & Integrating complex project functionality are the key use cases of Emberjs.

Companies Using

We’ve already seen the numbers of support & community. So, it is obvious that big names are already using this front-end framework as per their requirements. Netflix, New York Times, Dropbox, Twitter & many more rely on Reactjs for the development process. On the other side, many huge companies like LinkedIn, Accenture, Digital Ocean, OYO Rooms, Twitch, already use Ember to build web apps. 

In Conclusion,
We can only give one statement that Reactjs & Emberjs both are extraordinary frameworks of JavaScript. But we can’t decide on a clear winner here. As a company or a startup, your company’s requirements matter the most for you. So, pick the best one that fits your requirements.

Choose Reactjs If:

  • Your application needs lighter a framework
  • You are at beginner level of development
  • Your priority is attractive UI development
  • You like strong user-side server rendering

Choose Emberjs If:

  • You are looking for long-lasting projects
  • Your priority is a solid foundation & stable community
  • You are seeking native-like features
  • Your project needs decent coding practices

Still do not have any idea what to choose? Don’t worry. Just pick up your phone & contact us @ blobstation, We’ll definitely help you to figure out everything!

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