Hiring a software remote development team
A detailed guide to pick the best remote development team

We all were gone through the worst phase of the COVID pandemic. When a pandemic kicks off, tech companies and startups are majorly worried about their productivity & business continuity. But it's a blessing in disguise that as an integral part of tech companies, you just need a device and a suitable mindset.

Why is JavaScript essential for modern web development?

For the last several years, JavaScript is everywhere. It has been one of the most used programming languages nowadays. It used to build almost 96 % of websites today. 'Having a humble beginning of starting as a language' to 'a fully-fledged programming language'-JavaScript has come a long way.

Agile at Scale – Power-up the software development with best performing agile team

The Agile teams work with an extraordinary approach-irrespective of the challenges they encounter. In recent times, Agile methodologies have become the new common for such teams to meet the requirements of businesses.

A Complete Guide to Build a High-Performing Agile Team

When you are having an aspiring idea of creating a digital product for your company, it is necessary to have an Agile team. In this vivid world, software needs to be more innovative & problem-solving to accompany market needs.

Important factors to consider while choosing the outsourcing partner for your next big project

Outsourcing is becoming “new normal” especially with covid taught every one of us to work remotely. Outsourcing a project or a function of your business is beneficial for many reasons such as lack of skills in the local market, big chunk of savings on cost, hiring & operations overhead etc.

Staff Augmentation for Tech Startups – What , Why and How ?

Staff augmentation is an adaptable redistributing procedure that empowers you to hire tech talent globally and deal with your Augmented group directly. You are the one to browse the competitors that fit your necessities and to cut or expand your enlarged group at whatever point you have to.