How Big organizations can benefit by adopting CI/CD in Software development life cycle?

Now, Automation has made its way in almost every field. From mechanical assembly to testing software, Automation is everywhere! Why is automation so important? Because it is less time consuming and error-free. I.e. working on a project doesn’t require a computer on a per-hour basis, you can make it work for as many hours as

Why is Quality Assurance Important in Software development life cycle?

The term ‘Quality Analysis’ is not new to software development. It is a crucial part of the product development life cycle. Suppose a software product is released to the customers without including the QA team, and if there’s major or multiple errors in the product, imagine the client's reaction?

What is Agile Software Development Life Cycle?

The Agile software development life cycle is a continuous series of stages. The stages in which a product moves from starting to ending. The Agile approach accepts the constant changes occurring in the development of the technology. It enables teams to break down the requirements, build and test phase down into small iterations, and the

Things to consider while kick-off the software development coding

To run an effective and successful project, some critical things need to happen perfectly and in the right order as well and for that, you need to kick-off your project well. Nevertheless, if you decide on cooperation with a team or an individual far away from you for software development- you have to do it

Core Difference – UX vs UI Design in Software Development

Well! If we talk about ongoing debates in the world regarding design, the debate between user interface design & user experience design remains on top. Although certain analogies explain how these two design elements make a perfect harmony together, reaching a conclusion is next to impossible.

Software Design Specification Requirements – Design Types & Trends

Once you've done the SRS documentation, the first thing comes into your mind is- ' now, what's next?' The answer is 'Design.' After completion of the SRS documentation, you need a perfect designing plan for execution.

Conceptual Model & Annotation Diagrams for SRS Document

As we all know what software requirements specification, SRS totally describes what the software will do & how it will function. The best SRS defines how an application will connect with system hardware, human user & other programs. There are certain diagrams included in an SRS to get the real-time solution for software development. These